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Nutrition: You are what you eat

Healthy Start Holidays Nutrition in today’s world, making good food choices is hard. Pushed for time and confronted with highly processed, sugary packages designed to make our mouths water and our sto machs grumble, it’s so easy to grab what’s closest.

During your week with Healthy Start Holidays, you will learn about the effects of diet choices on health. Through our cooking lessons and workshops, you’ll take home tips on how to make your kitchen work better for you, with ideas for organizing time and effective planning for meals on the run.

Every meal you eat during your week with us will be made from fresh, healthy foods. You’ll also receive a recipe card with each meal so you can make it at home. Each card will include information about what the different foods are doing for your body.

In the meantime, you can take a look at our blog posts under ‘nutrition’ or follow us on your preferred social media for ideas!

Movement: We were made to move

We were made to move, but these days, more than 80% of us are sat at a desk for eight hours a day. Then there are social engagements, family commitments, with some rest squeezed in (hopefully!) How can we also find time to exercise?

At Healthy Start Holidays, you will do something active every day. This might be a morning swim session, a countryside walk, or a Pilates class. All sessions will be at your pace and suitable for all levels of experience and ability, with professional coaches and instructors for support.

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Maybe our coaches will show you new things about an exercise you already do on a regular basis. Maybe you will try things you have never done before, or not done for a long time. Maybe you’ll want to keep it up when you get home, but you aren’t sure where to look for help. We’ll work with you to find time in your diaries and sensible ways to fit exercise into your routine at home.

At Healthy Start Holidays do our best stay on the move amidst obligations with work, friends, and family. Read our blog posts tagged with ‘movement’ for ideas, or follow us on social media

Lifestyle: Small things can make a big difference

Healthy Star Holidays LifestyleLifestyle is a hundred small things. It’s thoughts and feelings, emotions and actions, friendships and relationships, habits, culture, positivity, food, exercise, sleep…

The Healthy Start Holidays lifestyle is positive, active, and relaxed. Your week with us will be, too.

Throughout the week, there will be many opportunities to discover if there are lifestyle changes you would like to make and support for you in making these real. This might be through our two semi-structured workshops, chatting with the team or fellow guests, or simply through some time away from life at home to reflect on your individual situation.